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Materials Needed:

  • 1×12 pice of wood (Table)
  • 28″ drawer slides (push to open)
  • 2x3s & 2x2s
  • 1/2″ ply

See the garage build for what is going on behind this area, but the black rubber is where the skis will go (accessed from the rear doors). I had 2x3s laying around so I used them to create a frame that also supported the bed frame.

Because the skis will run the full length behind this area, I needed to wall off this section. Also notice I laid the framing 1/2″ back to allow room for this wall. I had some extra 1x3s from the firring strips that were not very good quality. I found by staining them and sanding the stain off, it gave a kind of worn look that went better with the rest of the van than the pale wood alone.

I then built 28″ drawers in the remaining areas. There is one very large drawer on the left, one shallower one on the top right, and a table below it.

For the large drawer, I used a ski trail sign from Winter Park Resort as one of the walls.

Instead of another drawer below the table, we left it open on the side as a cubby.

Finished product:

This is where I keep my camera gear: